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At our ranch we value our health and the beauty of the area in which we live and derive our living from. This has influenced our decision to become organic certified and to implement positive environmental stewardship practices.

“Organic agriculture is a holistic production system designed to optimize productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agroecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment." reference: Canadian Organic Growers website

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Our Vision:

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To produce and market quality organic beef products to domestic consumers and wholesalers by implementing appropriate environmental stewardship practices.

Our Products:

Organic products are different from conventional agricultural products as they are guaranteed to be “pure” and uncompromised. No GMO usage, no chemicals (herbicide or pesticide contact), raised or grown as naturally as possible. Food products produced in this manner, should have positive health consequences for the consumer or at the very least no negative health consequences.

At our ranch we produce the following certified organic products:

Organic beef - now taking orders for delivery to any Saskatchewan location call 306-769-4138 or email for order information
Organic Cereal grains - wheat, barley, oats
Organic Livesock feeds - alfalfa, grass hay and straw
Organic Grazing - full for 2014

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organic grains grown at Eastview Organics in Northeast Saskatchewan
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Please contact us for current rates and availability regarding any of our organic products. Delivery may be available on food products.