photo of a halter hanging on a post
photo of our family going on a afternoon ride
the twinkle of the halter
saddle leather and stitching

Our ranch land was cleared of trees and developed by Larry's Father, Grandfather and Uncles in the early 1900's using horses and a great deal of sweat equity.

photo of pioneers forking sod onto a roof from a horse pulled wagon

Larry's father, Bill, worked the land and developed the homestead once he was old enough to start his adult life. The ranch at that time consisted of the farm house; which is still used today; a barn and a few out buildings. He and his wife, Elaine, produced grain and livestock - horses (for riding and pulling machinery), cattle, pigs, chickens and various grains. Back then life was hard physically with little of the modern conveniences we have today.

old black and white photo of Bill Kapeller riding a horse as a young child

old photo of rancher sitting on a horse drawn sleigh in the winter

Our Ranch Location:

Although, the original pioneers of the area needed to clear a great deal of land for growing grains and livestock, a large forested area was left which is now the Pasquia Provincial forest. The ranch lies on the edge of this wilderness area. The old horse logging trails of the past run throughout the forest for easy access in all seasons. With rolling prairie land on one side of the ranch and forested wilderness on the other, we have access to the best of both worlds.

Today's Ranch:

rancher Larry, feeding his horses in the winter

One of Bill and Elaine's three sons, Larry, decided to try his hand at ranching in the mid-1980's. Bill and Elaine retired and moved off the ranch and Larry and his wife Corrina took over control of the reins.
Over the years the couple has had good and bad years. They decided to diversify the ranch and in 1995 started developing the "Eastview Wilderness Ranch" to the point that it is today. The couple has also recently, altered their producing practices from conventional to Organic. They now proudly produce certified organic grains and beef.

Our Family

Larry and Corrina Kapeller with their children at the ranch

Together, Larry and Corrina manage thier "family-operated ranch", with the help of their two children - Randie and Marshall. The children are old enough to get their hands dirty helping with the horses and other chores around the ranch. Marshall is getting to be a good rider and likes to help Dad whenever he can. They both enjoy getting to know all of our guests and have made many life-long friends from all over the world as have Larry and Corrina.

Little girl feeding a calf in a pasture with a bottle
The family does most of all the work at the ranch themselves, therefore, their guests are sure to get to know the "real" rancher not just hired staff.


photo of little boy sitting inside a saddle that is standing on its end on the ground
Corrina and Larry Kapeller going on a trail ride with their favorite horses